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Digital Transformation Orientation

This orientation package is a starting point for any organization interested in digital transformation. It provides insightful and practical guidance and training to help your team understand contemporary digital transformation and how it relates to your organization’s specific business goals and requirements.

Mentoring &

Our team of accredited digital transformation consultants and advisors can provide mentoring and coaching services for a range of professionals participating in, or impacted by, a digital transformation initiative. These services help individuals develop necessary skillsets and adapt to changes and new roles.

Training & Accreditation

Our team of certified digital transformation instructors can provide virtual and onsite training to support the development of key skillsets and, optionally, to further empower organizations to establish proven expertise via online or onsite proctored exams and accreditation. Instructor-led, self-study and blended educational programs are available.

Organization Transformation Planning

Digital transformation initiatives frequently require augmentation or even wholesale changes to parts of an organization’s structure and operations. We can assist your team with putting together a comprehensive plan to identify potential impacts and changes in relation to the proposed scope of a digital transformation program.

Business Transformation Planning

The transformation of an organization’s business operations is a primary objective of investing in a digital transformation initiative. We can work collaboratively with your business professionals to establish a detailed business transformation plan, which may encompass business process optimization and reengineering, as well as the modeling of new business automation processes.

Technology Transformation

A contemporary digital transformation relies on the adoption of a number of key technology innovations. We can work with your IT professionals to identify those technologies relevant to your organization’s objectives and to further assist with planning efforts necessary to incorporate them into your enterprise environments.

Organizational Readiness Assessment

We can provide a series of objective assessments to help measure the maturity of different organizational, business and technology domains so as to determine an overall organizational readiness evaluation. This can assist with strategic decision-making to help your organization to determine when or whether a digital transformation is possible.

Vendor Market Orientation

The digital transformation technology market is extensive and rapidly changing. We can provide an objective evaluation of the most current technology products, platforms and innovations as they may be relevant to achieving your organization’s specific objectives. We can further involve and connect organizations with vendor representatives for more detailed technology explorations.


There are many consulting and solution development firms that can assist with the creation, operation and evolution of digital transformation automation solutions (or to which such solutions can be outsourced entirely). Based on our understanding of your organization’s business goals, we can involve and connect with the appropriate firm representatives for more detailed explorations of their services.
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